LemmaWorks Is A Formal Based Software Development Company Based In Singapore. We Provide Best-In-Class Web , Mobile App Development And Big Data Solutions To Start-ups and Enterprises in Singapore & Across The World.


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Industry-Leading Quality

LemmaWorks is one of the few companies that extensively utilize formal method during software development. With the leverage of test driven programming and mathematical modeling, we could provide cutting edge web & mobile app solutions in much lesser time with unrivalled performance, reliability and scalability.

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We Use Agile Development

We believe in Agile Development where you can actively engage and experience the evolution of the project through different cycles. Timely report and demonstration will ensure predictable delivery and quality.

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State Of The Art User Interface Design

We pay paramount attention to details. Our artists and software architects work hand in hand to blend with care graphical user interface design with application usages for optimal user experience.

Innovative Web Application Solution

We Value Innovations Highly As You

We understand innovations add significant values to your business and differentiate you from competitors. At LemmaWorks, we fuse your ideas, innovations with our original works to create unparalleled solution.

Cost Effective App Developer

We Provide Cost Effective Solution

We respect your time and budget as they are highly important to your business. We don't reinvent the wheel, but utilize open source technologies whenever appropriate to drive down development costs.

Full Lifecycle App Development

We Emphasize Strong Relationships With Our Clients

We value our relationship with you and are committed to excellence. We strike to become your utmost important web & mobile app development partner.

Solutions We Proud To Build

LemmaWorks have the expertise and solutions you need to accelerate changes, transform your business and outperform your competition

  • iPhone/iPad App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Windows Mobile App Development
  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions
  • Responsive Website Design & Development
  • Java-Based eCommerce & Shopify Solutions
  • Internet Marketing
  • Consultant Services On Web Technologies
  • Business Process Management
  • Enterprise Portal Development
  • SugarCRM CRM Solutions
  • Custom Application Development
  • Highly Scalable Systems
  • Big Data Design & Migration
  • Trend Analytics


LemmaWorks takes web & mobile app development to a whole new level, with the integration of innovative design, industry leading technologies and formal based software development. Our premium service combines a perfect blend of quality and elegance to deliver exceptional web & mobile apps like no other.

Scalable Web Application Architecture

Scalable Web Application Architecture

Experience business continuity and agility as your web application scales up or down seamlessly on demand to meet your customers’s traffic. With fault-tolerant architecture, your application is resilient to withstand the loss of one or even more computing resources.

LemmaWorks ASMV For Web & Mobile App Development

Exceptional Application Reliability

Featuring LemmaWorks ASMV™ (Advanced System Modeling & Verification) for planning and addressing software complexities. Formal method is widely considered as the best means available for developing safe & reliable digital systems.

LemmaWorks Engineers Best-In-Class Web Applications for Start-ups, SMEs and Enterprises

Fortune-500’s companies and businesses of all sizes favour Java as the ideal technologies for their web applications. At LemmaWorks, decades of experience allows us to leverage the right set of proven, cutting-edge Java technologies for our web development. LemmaWorks is one of the few companies in Asia that is capable of developing highly complex, cost-effective solution with quality on par with other Fortune 500's companies.

Web Application with Certified Components

Optimised Workflow & Usability

Web App with Low Latency

Low Latency Web Application

High Hardware Utilization Web Applications

Hardware Resource Efficiency

Industry Standard Compliance

Industry-Leading Standard Compliance

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Delightful Design That Optimised For Your Workflow & Usability

Workflow efficiency and usability are important characteristics for web applications with direct impact on your end-user productivity, reduce errors and improve satisfaction. LemmaWorks incorporates and prioritises workflow efficiency and usability at early phase of our designing process. Our unique, multiple iterations design process has helped to deliver best-in-class web applications with high workflow efficiency and usability.

A Web Application With Latency That Pleases Every Of Your Customers

Multiple research shows that web applications with high delivery latency, even as small as 200 milliseconds impact greatly customers' experience, affect your revenues and competitive advantages. High performance and efficient web application design is part of LemmaWorks' DNA. Your web application is designed to not only deliver best-in-class latency and but at the same time efficiently utilize your network bandwidth.

A Web Application That Efficiently Utilize Your Hardware Resources

Java is one of a few technologies that can utilize your hardware at its max capacity, from microprocessors, memory, hard drives to networking devices. At LemmaWorks, we engineers web applications with efficiency in mind. A careful calculation of resource usages in every major scenarios of your application is always in our development plan. Because of high efficiency, your web application serves more traffic with less hardware investment; especially when you operate your infrastructure at scale.

Best-in-class Industry Standard Compliance

Java has one of the most thriving ecosystems for web application development with comprehensive and rich application libraries, frameworks, and industry standards. Java ecosystem continues to evolve with well supports by open source movements and companies like Oracle, Google, IBM, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and SAP.

Reliability Assurance with Formal Based Software Development

Conventional SDLC for Web Development

Formal based software development is categorical improvement on conventional software development methodologies. By applying Advanced System Modeling & Verification at designing and development phase, LemmaWorks can address the most complex parts of your web & mobile app at mathematical level. The result is unparalleled application’s reliability, performance and security.

Conventional software development lacks of mathematical mean to address software’s complexities and depends on experience and intuition of software architects and developers. As your web & mobile apps evolve, this is the main cause for poor application performance, reliability and delayed delivery.

Achieve peace of mind and stay confident than ever in your business today with verified application reliability and industry leading 1-year application warranty from LemmaWorks.

Web Application With Fast Time To Market

Faster Time To Market

Formal-Based Web Development With Verified Correctness

Verified Application Correctness

Web & Mobile App Development with Far Fewer Defects

70% Less Application's Defects

1-Year Warranty

1-Year Application Warranty

Learn More About LemmaWorks' Formal Based Development
Virtually no other area inspires LemmaWorks engineers to produce such impressive results as much as research into new software development method technologies. The first important milestone was Advanced System Modeling & Verification - ASVM™. Today it is just one of many components of our Integral Software Development Cycles which moves LemmaWorks closer to our vision of error-free applications.

Faster Time To Market

Quickly understand and adapt to information, trends and new developments in business environments is a strategic advantage for businesses of all size. And as a result, time-to-market is an important parameter of any businesses. By leverage formality and verification, LemmaWorks can significantly reduce the overall development time of your web and mobile application.

Verified Application Correctness

Traditional test-based approach isn't sufficient to provide the high-confidence assurance for application's correctness. Especially when defects and security gaps in software may impose an unaffordable liability for your business in ever complex environment. Formal verification is an intrinsic aspect of LemmaWorks' software development. Our increasing capabilities for formal verification has tremendously helped our clients worldwide in every day operation.

Web Application with Lowest Defects

At LemmaWorks we appreciate the true cost of application's defects, which not only affects your business reputation but also imposes unexpected maintenance cost. LemmaWorks' web and mobile applications are built to withstand with time with extremely low application bugs comparing with industry's standard. We are also well-known to deliver application's prototypes with production-quality to clients.

Industry Leading 1-Year Application Warranty

Experience business certainty with industry's top-level 1-year limited warranty for your web and mobile applications. Our warranty plan covers maintenance costs for any application's defects discovered within 1-year since the date of your application's deployment.

Power Your Web Application With Scalable And Fault-Tolerant Architecture

Cloud-based applications are the new growth engine for businesses. Leveraging years of innovation and decades of experience, LemmaWorks is uniquely positioned to provide industry leading web applications with high availability, fault tolerant and scalable architecture.

Your web application is designed and developed to expand capabilities seamlessly as your business grows. From website to web portal, supply chain management, workflow automation, real-time monitoring, advanced Big Data analytics, mobility and internet of things. Experience certainty as you innovate, add new product lines and expand your presence regionally or internationally.

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Scalable Architecture

Real-time Big Data Ready Web App Icon

Real-Time Big Data Ready

Internet Of Things Ready Web App

Internet of Things Ready

Learn More About LemmaWorks' Web Application Architecture

Web Application with Scalable Architecture Right From The Beginning

Your web application is architected for elasticity and horizontal scalability. A horizontally scalable web application makes it effortlessly to scale dynamically your infrastructure to handle incoming traffic from your customers. This in turn offers tremendous benefits for your business, from optimising your infrastructure investment to transparent customers experience under heavy application utilization.

Real-Time Big Data Ready Web Application

Real-time big data analytics provides transformational opportunities for your business when you operate at scale. The execution time of traditional big data processing may take hours-long to provide actionable insight into your data, but with real-time big data analytics the whole processes can be squeezed into minutes or even seconds. LemmaWorks develops web application with built-in support for real-time big data. Stay focus on segment-of-one and stay ahead of competition with your data-centric application.

Internet of Things Ready

Internet of Things open possibilities for innovation almost everywhere. Sensing your own way with LemmaWorks built-in IoT integration for your web application which supports End-to-End data perception, acquisition and transmission and integrate seamlessly with your Big Data storage and analytic solutions.

LemmaWorks Design Industry Leading Mobile Experiences And Build The Innovative Technology Behind Them.

LemmaWorks empowers your mobility strategy in the highly connected world by designing & developing best-in-class custom iOS, Android, Xamarin apps, and bots for conversational platforms like Amazon Alexa and Facebook Messenger. Whether it is a new product, making the workplace more productive or an innovative cross-platform solution for iOS, android and web application, LemmaWorks gives you everything you need to get a head start on your mobility journey.

Mobile App Strategy Service

Mobile Application Strategy

Brand & Product Strategy
Audience Insights
Strategic Planning
Mobile App Design

Mobile Application Design

UX Architecture & Design
Visual Design
Content Development
Agile Mobile Development

Mobile App Development

iOS Mobile Application
Android Mobile Application
Cross-Platform Mobile Application

Delightful User Interface Design That Optimised For Your Success

Industry-Leading Mobile App Design

Designing mobile app with delightful interface, optimised experience and aligned well with your business strategy is the pinnacle of LemmaWorks design's philosophy. Whether it's the design for your everyday enterprise's productivity mobile app or the design for the mass audience, LemmaWorks has the comprehensive expertise you need for your success. Our unique designing process that combines talented artists, technologists and illustrators is capable of designing highly innovative and exceptional digital experience.

iOs, Android App Design for Target Audience

Delightful Design For Target Audience

Mobile Application With Optimised Workflow

Optimised User Workflow And Usability

Mobile App With Adaptive Interface

Adaptive User Interface

High Performance User Interface Experience

High Performance User Experience

Learn More About LemmaWorks' Mobile App Interface Design
User interface design has increasingly become a strategic component for businesses of all sizes. What was once limited to web design now leads innovation in product development, segmentation and even business transformation. Positioned as an industry-leading web & mobile application company, LemmaWorks will continue our R&D efforts into state-of-the-art user interface design techniques & technologies to build much better user-experience for our clients' applications.

Delightful Design For Your Target Audience

A delightful user interface design plays a crucial role for your customer experience. But esthetics and creativity may not be perceived the same across demographics and cultures. LemmaWorks understands your mobile app's user interface design is a crucial part of your branding strategy and pays paramount attention to your target segment. Our extensive expertise in segment-specific and cross-segment design allows us to deliver unparalleled user experience for your target audience.

Optimised User Workflow And Usability

Workflow efficiency and usability are important characteristics for mobile application with direct impact on your end-user productivity and satisfaction. LemmaWorks incorporates and prioritises workflow efficiency and usability at early phase of our designing process. Our unique, multiple iterations design process has helped to deliver best-in-class mobile applications with high workflow efficiency and usability.

Adaptive User Interface For All Screen Sizes and Orientations

Mobility comes with great opportunities but also imposes a great challenge for a seamless user experience across mobile devices where each devices may have different operating systems, screen sizes and resolutions. LemmaWorks provides a wide range of design options for your mobile app, from the standard single orientation user interface design to ubiquitous design that provides seamless experience across all mobile device sizes, orientations, resolutions and versions of underlying mobile operating system.

Fast Response Time User Interface

Multiple research show that mobile users are increasingly anticipate fast response time from your mobile application and slow response is one of the main reasons for poor mobile app's experience and greatly affect your customers' loyalty. At Lemmaworks, we take mobile app's response time seriously, industry's best practices are applied through out our development process for optimal app response time.

Empower Your Mobility Strategy with Rock Solid and Exceptional Mobile App

LemmaWorks mobile application engineers and designers stay on top of emerging trends in mobile app development and architecture. We work closely with clients to build rock-solid and exceptional mobile apps that customers love to use and keep coming back. Our unique, proprietary software development methodology is tailored to build high quality, next generation mobile apps and help you to stay ahead of the changing mobility landscape.

Mobile App With Rock Solid Architecture

Rock-Solid Application Architecture

Mobile App Development With Battery and Resource Efficiency

Battery and Resource Efficiency

Mobile App with Unparalleled Reliability

Industry Leading Reliability

1-Year Warranty Mobile App Solution

1-Year Mobile Application Warranty

Learn More About LemmaWorks' Mobile App Development

Rock Solid Mobile App Architecture

A great mobile app architecture not only addresses your current requirements but also lays the foundation for your future needs. Whether you trying to build a new class of services on top of your current mobile app or a next generation product, our system architects will work closely with you to understand your needs and design a system that can support those goals well into the future.

LemmaWorks mobile application architectures satisfy some of the most demanding requirements within the industry:

  • Future-Ready Mobile App — LemmaWorks has decade of experiences in designing mobile app that not only meets your today's challenges but also addresses your future needs.
  • Industry Best Practices — We incorporate industry-standard and proven best practices in software architecture to design your mobile applications.
  • Adaptability — Mobility landscape is constantly changing, and your mobile app is designed to adapt to technological advances seamlessly.
  • Agility — LemmaWorks incorporates agile development to our Integral Development Cycles for mobile applications. A fast pace, multi-iteration approach help to integrate your latest ideas as the development takes place.
  • Flexibility — While we design and build your mobile apps, they are your apps. We not only design them to operate your operation flawlessly, we also make sure you are trained to be able to manage and build off of them yourself.

1-Year Mobile Application Warranty

Experience business certainty with industry's top-level 1-year limited warranty for your mobile application. Our warranty plan covers maintenance costs for any application's defects discovered within 1-year since the date of your mobile application's deployment.

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